CASUAL ATTIRE #3 // Tribalism

Finally a full body outfit post.
Yeah I have managed to take this pictures at my dad's karaoke room because it has a pretty good lighting. Anyway please do forgive the not-so-HD pics, I have this ancient camera with low resolution - that's why I edit a lot.

Around one month ago I went to a thrift store in Juanda Street (Ciputat) and found this tribal tank - which is not a secondhand piece - for IDR 45000. And when I see the label, it is from an Indonesian ethnic brand. I'm not into tribal pattern so much, but due to my impulsive shopping behavior, I finally bought it. Although I'm not a fan of ethnic style, yet when I scrutinized the tribal pattern from this tank, I kinda adore it - and it matches well with my old burgundy pants. The outerwear that I'm wearing is actually a blazer, a collarless blazer to be precise. I found it in my mother's closet.
Right now tribalism is on the way up, it becomes one of the latest fashion trend. While in real life, a "tribalism" behavior is condemned.

Btw I actually feel that this style isn't really "me", I'm actually more into preppy vintage look with collars or oxford shoes. But it's okay to be different sometimes right?


  1. walaupun kurang "elo", but this style kinda suits you loh. dan kacamatanya kok keren yaaaah :""

  2. love this outfit! the glasses in particular, they're really something


  3. nice look :)