Hi again fellas! Back with a new look :)
As the title says, this look is all about "Abstract Blue" vintage blouse. I found this exceptional blouse (again and again) from my mother's closet. I just promptly fell in love with the abstract graphic on it, plus: it's blue, one of my favorite color. And about the necklace and where I bought that necklace it's pretty confidential hahaha... But I considered this necklace as a great finding for its price is only IDR50000 & it's such a great idea for DYI stuff! The material is only some sort of black tulle (I'm not that knowledgeable about fabrics) & black zipper... Then, I wear the black maxi skirt & silver heels...

Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Abstract Blue Blouse - Vintage
Black Sheer Maxi Skirt - Unbranded
Zipper Necklace - Unbranded
Silver Heels - Vintage

Photographer: Putche
Editing & Design: Myself


Warm Color Block

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry for being such a bad blogger due to lack of updates lately, I've been kinda occupied with a hectic campus life & job... Anyway, finally I can post a look! And to be honest actually this look was taken in January hehe...

I already told you that I'm a big fan of colorblock, so here's another one: Warm Color Block. Why I describe this as "Warm"? Because it's a autumnal color palette whose tone is warmer than the spring/summer color. Fyi, it's not a skirt: it's a pant-skirt (a pants which actually looks like a skirt) - and it's belong to my grandmother hehehe... And I also wear the camel blazer that I already worn in my previous look: Camel & Elephants ~

Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Camel Blazer - Vintage
Blue Tank - Unbranded
Brick-Red Pants/Skirt - Vintage (My Grandma's)
Pearl Necklace - Unbranded
Mustache Ring - Unbranded
Black Wedges - Unbranded (A gift from Auntie)

See, I'm such a proletarian: almost never wear branded stuff hahaha!

Photographer : Putche
Editing : Myself

And this is my source of inspiration for this look:
 left-right: Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2012, Francesco Cominelli Street-Style




In this photo (left to right): Kristel, Anaztasia, Me, Parker, Bob, & Wenny

As I told you before, I've been busy due to my 2 weeks internship (and after this 2 weeks, it's not considered as internship anymore) in WhatIWear: THIS IS MY FIRST WEEK AT THE OFFICE! These pics was taken last Saturday, by Ci Wenny's camera when we have the weekly meeting & the dresscode was 80's (so don't get surprised to see our hilarious outfit! Haha...)

What I'm doing is as a Social Media Copywriter. What is the jobdesk?  Basically, I tweet & post anything about WhatIWear & other related things in Social Medias like Facebook too. My job is to post 24 tweets per day, make sure that every hour there's one tweet @whatiwear & post some blog entry in WhatIWear Facebook Page. It's an interesting job because we all know the power of social media nowadays, don't we?
I've been so honored to filled this position & it's such a privilege for me! In addition, the job is related to what I study in college, Communication with the Media Studies concentration.
And, I'm so grateful to meet & work with such a wonderful & talented people in this small yet solid team!

So, I won't talk too much, & all I just want to say is THANKYOU GOD FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!

my 80's wardrobe...


Denim, Polka, Red & NEW VINTAGE SHADES!

Sorry for lack of post guys, I've been kinda busy right now. In fact, now I'm in internship at WhatIWear for 2 weeks as a Social Media Copywriter! Later I will post about this...

As the title says, I'm wearing a denim jacket, polkadot blouse, red suede skirt, & a NEW VINTAGE SHADE! I bought this unique shade at MargoCity Depok Mall, just at a random store for only IDR 50000. The glasses there can be a mirror! You can see yourself mirrored on the glasses haha!
I cannot say pretty much, because I'm blogging at the office! So apparently this post will be dominated by pics only... ;)

 With or without denim jacket...

 The mirror vintage shade...