Vintage Pastel Floral // Blog 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone!
I don't have much to say, since I've been chased by time (I'm blogging in the car), I just want to say: Happy 1st Anniversary of The Fad Madness!! (29/09/2011 - 29/09/2012)

Yes, time flies so fast, this blog has reached its first year. I know I'm not a super fabulous blogger or what, but I'm pretty grateful about what I have been done. And to all of you who has been following this unworthy blog since its first launching, I thank you! To all of you who has been this blog follower or reader, I also thank you for all the lovely support! I adore all of you!!

I realized that my blogging quality has been decreasing in the past few weeks/months and I promise myself to be more thoughtful and creative henceforward. Yet, I'm not so ambitious in this fashion blogging world, because I know there will be one day that I may not continue this activity - this is just a hobby, not a permanent career. But at least I have planned to maintain and developing this blog (and also re-branding this blog) for the next 3-4 years. I want this blog to be consistent to its name. FAD stands for Fashion-Art-Design, so I will post anything that relate to it.

Pink Pastel Knit Sweater: Forever 21
Vintage Floral Skirt: Vintage (Thrifted)

Photographer: Putche


Campus Outfit // Vivid Colorblock + Silver Stuffs

Turquoise Cotton Top: Gaudi, Coral Skinny Pants: Forever 21

This is just a quick post, since I couldn't do any proper photo shoot. Please do forgive, this campus life and stuffs are just so damn hegemonic until I almost can't breathe: more and more assignments each week. The 5th semester is like a glimpse of hell; though it sounds exaggerating.

This photos were taken last week, just right before Communication Research Methods class: such an lethal subject for this semester. I always feel this kind of "gloomy" feeling everytime I enter this class. It explains why I chose a vivid, bright color-block outfit. That day I chose to wear my turquoise cotton shirt with the peach skinny pants with some silver accessories to boost up my mood, to brighten up the gloomy day. Actually, it helped (or it was just merely a suggestion?). If you don't feel like studying or even too lazy to go to campus, try wearing and combining bright colors. Perhaps it can be your mood booster.

And FYI, these photos were taken by Putche's iPad. Yes, I'm a gadget-less blogger. I don't even have my own SLR camera. Why? Because in my dad's eyes, I'm such an untrustworthy person. I have lost my cellphone 3 times: yes, I'm a careless, absent-minded, & clumsy human being. But thank God, I have successfully persuaded my dad to buy a SLR camera (after all this time, finally!). Well, let's hope I won't be such a fool to lose it.

Location: Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia
Photographer: Putche

 Tiresome, gloomy, lack-of-sleep face. 


Why So Hurry?: Looking Back at Resort 2013 Show

(left to right):  BCBG Max Azria, Christopher Kane, Carven

Yes, yes I know that Spring 2013 Show is still going. Everyone seem wants to be as up-to-date as possible, posting Spring 2013 Shows in her blog. But, why so hurry? This is still September, dude, relax. And we sometimes forget that many good things come from Resort Show - many trends from Resort are being repeated in Spring show. For me, Resort is like the prequel of Spring Show - or a teaser you can say. So, this post is dedicated to the almost-forgotten Resort 2013 Shows. I have categorized some of the trend and highlights that you certainly don't want to miss. Plus, many of Resort shows are very wearable that you can make them as your daily outfit inspiration! Behold, these are the trends & highlights:

(left to right): Milly, Peter Pilotto, Prabal Gurung
Keep your Little Black/White Dress in your closet for a while and give way to Little Pattern Dress! And remember, these are not ordinary one: just bring out the boldest, the brightest, and the quirkiest pattern - and stand out from the crowd. 

Left to right: Balmain, Christopher Kane, Matthew Williamson, Thakoon 
While the world is shaken by this erotic novel (50 Shades of Gray), the fashion world is ruled by one of the most talked-about color: Mint - to be precise, a pastel mint. And there are many shades of mint - well it's not 50 of course.

Left to right: Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Maison Martin Margiela
Left to right: Narciso Rodriguez, Proenza Schouler, Yigal Azrouel
Wake up late and don't have time to think what to wear? Wear a white top & black pants: as simple as that. Instant chic - and play it safe.

Left to right: Balmain, Lanvin, Marni, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Still in the black-white mood, now it's time to bring your b/w stripes outfit back on track. The bigger the better. And don't wear a top-to-toe b/w stripes if you don't want to looked like a prisoner.

Both of these pics:(left to right) Altuzzara, Bibhu Mohapatra, Peter Pilotto
Tribal pattern is back with its new form, so I called it Neo-Tribal. It's time to emphasize ethnicity and the more vivid the color, the better!

Left to right: Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Richard Nicoll, Yigal Azrouel
Wearing tees/shirt never been this cool. It's about wearing a tees/shirt + skirt in a modernist approach that somehow create a sleek & urban women - I found it hard to describe this style, but you know what I am talking about right? Oh, add a simple/minimalistic sandal heel/pointy heels to complete the style.

Left to right: Marni, Moshcino Cheap & Chic, Peter Som, Valentino
Who says that a prim & proper style is such a boredom? Who says that being a "good girl" is lame? Let's break that myth & show to the world that a prim, proper, & "good girl" style isn't lame at all. How? By wearing a trimmed-shirt mixed with either a pleats or A-line skirt. And the skirts aren't mini. An instant lady like!


Campus Outfit // Pink Blazer

Back on with casual style: now it's time for campus outfit post!
This photos were actually taken last week, when I was taking photos for Putche's blog. Don't expect for a super-wow look, because this is just a campus outfit, just an everyday outfit. The only special thing that I wore is just this vintage pink blazer.

Wearing a vintage tailored blazer to campus is actually a troublesome. Why? Because the heat and temperature here are just intolerable: if you want a natural tan, just go here, in Depok. It's almost like there are two suns here. Yet I still wore it, for the sake of personal style. I like wearing tailored blazer, plus, it's a pastel pink blazer. Anyway, beauty is pain, right? Sometime there is some "sacrifice" to look good. 

Pink blazer: Vintage
White tank: Unbranded
Grey Legging: Unbranded
Bag: Elle
Cross necklace: I bought this at a small store in Pondok Indah Mall yet I always forget the name.
Black Loafer: Rubi (Singapore)

Location: University of Indonesia, Depok
Photographer: Putche

Here's some of photos that I took for Putche:
These pics was taken at the "Eden Land" in front of UI's Central Library.

Here's the pink blazer again:

And here's some pink blazer that I found in Resort 2013 Shows, for inspiration:
Balmain Resort 2013
Pedro Lourenco & Josh Goot Resort 2013


Casual // Tosca-Pink Vintage Shirt

Another treasure being found from my mother's closet: this tosca & pink vintage loose shirt.

It's such a eye-popping stuff, with a contrasting colors on one shirt. I kinda believe this is my mother's from the 80s. I mean, loose - baggy shirt, with vivid colors, it's so 80's. This contrasting colors kinda represents my inner self. I have this contradictory personality: I can be very secretive & anti-social, but I also can be a witty, goofy, and laughable person.

Anyway, I "tamed" down this shirt with a acid washed vintage denim short which is from Pasar Baru in only IDR 25000. I actually feel kinda reluctant wearing shorts like this, since I have this huge-enormous-fatty thighs, but I started to accept the way I am, include my body shape. If you guys notice, I almost never wear minis or shorts, actually because I feel insecure with my body shape. I have this pear body shape: small on the upper part and big on the lower part. I have this huge and fatty butt and thighs which makes me feel not confident to wear minis. Until I say to myself: "Who cares? Just wear what you want to wear!" This is one of the key to be confident: self-acceptance.

Location: Kota Kasablanka
Photographer: Putche

Oh, I just found out that there's a tosca & pink combination in Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 show - although I'm not a big fan of Oscar de la Renta. Here it is:


Another Look with BLANCTERIA Shirt // Yellow Polkadot

Hello guys!
Here's another look with the signature BLANCTERIA Ghost Shirt that I already wore in the previous look. I never regret buying this shirt: it can be mixed and matched with many style! You can pull this shirt in casual, preppy, tomboy, even feminine style. So I decided to wear this multi-function shirt with my vintage yellow polkadot pleats skirt - which was owned by my grandma. But since this skirt is a lil bit oversized, so I put a little belt to accentuate the waist. The skirt with the belt creates a vintage-preppy-feminine style to the shirt. And, I still can mixed this Ghost shirt with other stuff to create a totally different style! Nice job, BLANCTERIA!!

Btw, just a friendly reminder that BLANCTERIA will launch its newest collection tomorrow!!! Don't forget to follow @BLANCTERIA and join the tweet competition to get IDR 50000 discount. And also like BLANCTERIA Facebook page & for more info visit: http://blancteria.tumblr.com/

Location: Kota Kasablanka
Photographer: Putche



My Favorite Looks from NYFW So Far

New York Fashion Week is getting interesting each day. Here's some of my favorite looks which I think pretty much wearable - some pieces that you actually want to wear. I personally love Helmut Lang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, at least until now.

(Left) I just adore the matching tank with blazer and the sporty pastel pants: it's all perfectly together. Love the structure.
(Right) Nice easy-breezy feel with light fabric sweater & semi sheer white 3/4 pants.

(Left) I just looove the pattern textured jacket with neon orange shirt & black skinny pants. This is very wearable!
(Right) Brilliant layering consists of a white tees & peek-a-boo oversize crochet sweater, mixed with pattern pants. Adorable.

(Left) The pattern clash is breathtaking. Love every piece of this combination, and the mismatch patterns even make this looks better.
(Right) Mix mix and match! Great fuchsia jacket with graphic tees underneath & floral pants.

(Left) When a grunge style looks sophisticated. Love the idea of leopard arm on the sweater & the jeans is a major coolness.
(Right) What can be better and cooler than denim patch shirt? And mixed with blue leopard pants? You have my heart.

If only I can have every pieces of these looks~


Hanging Out @Kota Kasablanka // Blancteria

Hello everyone!
I personally think that malls in Jakarta are already too much, and yet there are still new malls being built. Now there are at least 2 brand new malls that I know: Kuningan City and Kota Kasablanka. Both of them are still in the same territory. I thought "What the hell? Another mall? Isn't there enough consumerism in our society?" But although I dislike it, yet I still cannot find a good place for hanging out besides malls. Sad isn't it?

Well, last Sunday I went to Kota Kasablanka and it turned out that this mall isn't that bad. It's spacious and strategic. There I met Putche and we were hanging out + taking pictures (and we were anxious with the security because we took pictures in public places). 

I wore the unbranded bowler hat and gold necklace, Rubi leopard tote bag (that I bought in Singapore for only 5 SGD!), New Look black skinny pants, unbranded brown wedges lace-up boots, & BLANCTERIA GHOST SHIRT. This Ghost Shirt is from BLANCTERIA's prior collection.

Perhaps some of you know this BLANCTERIA brand, owned by Putche. BLANCTERIA for me is a next big thing for its originality, touch of quirkiness, ranging for both the tomboys & the girlies - and also the most important: affordable price. After a long time of "hibernation", BLANCTERIA finally has its come back and I believe that it is highly anticipated. BLANCTERIA's new collection will be launched this Friday, September 14th, NOTE THIS!! Don't forget to visit and like BLANCTERIA's Facebook page and follow @BLANCTERIA !!

Fyi, BLANCTERIA is doing a tweet competition with hashtag #LOVEisBLANC, and one tweet will be valued. So, just by tweeting and tweeting you can get IDR 50000 off from the original price! Assure yourself to join this tweet competition and get the nice offer! (Of course you have to follow @BLANCTERIA first). For more information about this competition visit: http://blancteria.tumblr.com/