Dark Denim, Sand & Pearls

Still with the same location with the previous photo, in this look i wore a Blancteria Dress (grainy dress), a pearl & coin necklace, and the same bowler hat with black boots. Blancteria (@BLANCTERIA) is a clothing line owned by my friend, Putri Estiani (Putche)... Check out: http://blancteria.weebly.com
 I personally like this dress for its utility yet uniqueness in design & material. The material is dark denim & polyester on the sleeve. The different fabric gives a distinctive touch, plus the zipper that add the coolness. And about the necklace, I bought it at Poins Square Mall with only IDR 80000 (around $16).

Special thanks to Putche again for taking this great photos! :)


Quotational Design...

(This is my design, using adobe photoshop; So easy, just cropping 4 different photos of night, afternoon, daylight & dawn skies... And i also added some vignette & grain effects too)
"HABIS GELAP TERBITLAH TERANG..." (After the dark, here comes the light...)

 This quotation was from one of the most influential feminist in Indonesia, the pioneer of Indonesian women's emancipation. These words are so simple yet powerful. It can be interpreted in many ways, in many aspects of life....
This quotes always remind me that life is a cycle. After the darkest times, there will be light. Like what is said in Mendelssohn's Lobgesang: "The night is departing, the day is approaching". This will strengthen me in hard & turmoil times, for this too shall pass, the light shall come. The optimism is still there.
But, on the other hand, we shall not boast ourself in the brightest time. We shall remember that our happiness doesn't last long. After daytime, there will be dark night.
So, this quotation apparently will make us remember not to get too depressed in hard times because "there will be light approaching", and not to get too happy in blissful times because "there will be dark approaching" to.
"LISTEN, BALANCE, MY DARLING...." -Felipe in Eat, Pray, Love


Runaway to Watch: Christopher Kane Resort 2012

(click to enlarge the picture)

Eventhough the tide is already on the Spring 2012 show, i still cling on the Resort 2012 show. Why? Because i have some personal interest in Resorts show for usually they are more wearable yet still represents the designer's identity.
And now, i would like to share one of resort show that i adore. It's Christopher Kane's. Christopher Kane is one of the most distinctive designer in London fashion week since he always have a specific and unique theme on his runaways. Kane already gain acknowledgment from his colorful and vibrant Spring  2012 show, and this time i believe he still stick up. From the first time i saw this resort show, i immediately fell in love with the colors and the theme. Rainbow. A very rare theme to put on fashion these days. If we think about rainbow in a fashion, our image maybe will look trashy, cheesy & tacky. Yet, Kane had manifested it in such a youthful & tres chic style. He also added a touch of mettalic fabric there, which make this look more stunning.
I personally admire this collection eventhough i am not so keen on colorful things...


New Look: Baroque (VEST)ival

Hi everybody!
This is my new look. The place is still the same place with the previous look, at the rooftop of IT Fatmawati. This time i wear the Gaudi dress, vintage sunglasses, the black sling back, the black boots, and the most important item is the BAROQUE VEST. Baroque is an era around 16-17 century that had influenced arts, paintings, fashion, architecture, and music in European civilization. Baroque style is famous for its complexity in detail with a lot of ornaments. You can googled it for more info about Baroque.
I found this vest in my mum's closet and i was so in love with this baroque-detailed vest. The detail was so delicate and unique. Such a fashion treasure!


Designer to Watch: The Row

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(Click to enlarge the picture)

For you who don't know, this label The Row is designed by the most famous and richest twin in fashion and entertainment industry, The Olsens. I often have a big doubt in celebrity designers, but this one is an exception. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have proved their selves in the fashion industry by creating such a chic & luxurious brand.  I can say that their collection can be categorized as "creme de la creme" and they already create a differentiation in such a distinctive style. A promising brand with such an established designer. A brand what we must look forward to.