Quotational Design...

(This is my design, using adobe photoshop; So easy, just cropping 4 different photos of night, afternoon, daylight & dawn skies... And i also added some vignette & grain effects too)
"HABIS GELAP TERBITLAH TERANG..." (After the dark, here comes the light...)

 This quotation was from one of the most influential feminist in Indonesia, the pioneer of Indonesian women's emancipation. These words are so simple yet powerful. It can be interpreted in many ways, in many aspects of life....
This quotes always remind me that life is a cycle. After the darkest times, there will be light. Like what is said in Mendelssohn's Lobgesang: "The night is departing, the day is approaching". This will strengthen me in hard & turmoil times, for this too shall pass, the light shall come. The optimism is still there.
But, on the other hand, we shall not boast ourself in the brightest time. We shall remember that our happiness doesn't last long. After daytime, there will be dark night.
So, this quotation apparently will make us remember not to get too depressed in hard times because "there will be light approaching", and not to get too happy in blissful times because "there will be dark approaching" to.
"LISTEN, BALANCE, MY DARLING...." -Felipe in Eat, Pray, Love

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