I've been really occupied with papers, theories, & stuff: it almost made my mind explode! Just FYI, I'm currently majoring Communication, Media Studies in concentration. It's like the more theoretical branch in Communication Science, we basically learn about communication theories in a holistic way, studying media effect: something more abstract than let say public relation, journalism, etc. And now I'm studying Cultural Studies: a very broad, absurd, philosophical subject - I must say that this subject almost drive me (and all of us) crazy. In addition, we also study about Critical Theory (it includes Marxism with his Communist Manifesto, Frankfurt School, etc). For God sake, they are way too abstract & intangible! Something that involve the realm of ideas....

And why the hell I tell you all about this? Well, it's just some prologue to my latest thought. I've been studying about Postmodernism and realize that THERE IS NO REAL REALITY: ALL IS ABOUT PERCEPTION. Consequently, this world we live in is an ABSTRACT WORLD. There is no universal truth.

So, how does it relates to fashion?
Basically, all I want to say is: fashion has no boundaries & there is no absolute perception about what is fashionable & what is not.
My second notion is, you don't need to have only just one style: because life & our identity keeps changing, so does fashion. Postmodernism propose an idea of "fluid identity". If right now you want to be a punk-rock and later you feel like wearing tutu skirt & girlie stuff: GO AHEAD! Just keep experimenting with fashion & style guys!!

Okay, I'm not making an essay so I shall stop here now hehehe
Sorry but I've been really intrigued by "abstract things"

About my outfit, I've been obsessed with abstract print (perhaps it related to my state of mind) lately & found this amazing abstract print legging in Hardware Store at Pondok Indah Mall! I already wear this legging on my previous post,btw... Loove it ♥

Reflective Rounded Shade - Unbranded
White Boyfriend Shirt - Vintage
Zipper Necklace - Unbranded
Abstract Legging - Luna Maya for Hardware
Silver Heels - Vintage

Photographer: Putche (as always)
Design & editing: Myself


POP UP MARKET: 9/3/2012 - @Grand Indonesia

Last Friday, at the 9th of March I went to Pop Up Market at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall with my campus & blogger mate, Putche. POP UP MARKET is an event held by one of well-known business school in Jakarta, Prasetya Mulya. This event is done by its students & dedicated for young local brands - it's similar with Brightspot Market. It's a market where new, fresh, local brands gathered and sell their stuff, there was also a little fashion show by the brands. The brands consists of Prasetya Mulya student's brand or just a great other local brand. It was real wonderful hype there! So crowded indeed. Big salute for Prasetya Mulya, it was a great success!

There was Monstore, Antyk Butyk, Canvas Label, Nave, Argyle & Oxford and many more! Oh, and the theme was "Carnaby Street", one of the most fashionable street in London. So many fashionable people gathered here

Most of the photo was taken by Putche, and some by myself (all of these photos was using Putche's camera). These post will be just about my outfit & Putche's. For another pics, they will be uploaded in Jakarta Style Journal soon enough!

(above) taken by Putche
taken by me
Bowler Hat - White Boyfriend Shirt - Gold Cuff Necklace -
Abstract Legging - Black Boots
A super unique necklace from Antyk Butyk (above & below)


Colorblock: BLUE & BURGUNDY

Back again and again with a color-block outfit, now it's time for blue & burgundy!

I found this terribly irresistible blue jacket from my Grandma's closet! Yeah I could even called myself "A CLOSET DIGGER" - in particular A MOM & GRANDMA'S CLOSET DIGGER. I never forbid myself from secondhand or vintage clothes as long as it still looks in good quality. And I have to admit, both my Grandma & my mom was a serious fashionistas! I mean, this bright cobalt blue vintage jacket: it has a seriously nice cutting, color & detail (you should pay attention to the BUTTONS!)

Anyway, since I fell in love with this jacket so much I pull off another colorblock-style with it: and it comes to my burgundy pants. And since I think about a more formal & neat style, I paired them with a white bow tie blouse.

Bowler Hat
Vintage Cobalt Blue Jacket - My grandma's
White Bow-Tie Blouse - Unbranded
Burgundy Pants - Unbranded
Black Wedges - A gift from my Auntie
Mustache Ring - Unbranded

Photographer: Putche
Design & Editing: Myself