POP UP MARKET: 9/3/2012 - @Grand Indonesia

Last Friday, at the 9th of March I went to Pop Up Market at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall with my campus & blogger mate, Putche. POP UP MARKET is an event held by one of well-known business school in Jakarta, Prasetya Mulya. This event is done by its students & dedicated for young local brands - it's similar with Brightspot Market. It's a market where new, fresh, local brands gathered and sell their stuff, there was also a little fashion show by the brands. The brands consists of Prasetya Mulya student's brand or just a great other local brand. It was real wonderful hype there! So crowded indeed. Big salute for Prasetya Mulya, it was a great success!

There was Monstore, Antyk Butyk, Canvas Label, Nave, Argyle & Oxford and many more! Oh, and the theme was "Carnaby Street", one of the most fashionable street in London. So many fashionable people gathered here

Most of the photo was taken by Putche, and some by myself (all of these photos was using Putche's camera). These post will be just about my outfit & Putche's. For another pics, they will be uploaded in Jakarta Style Journal soon enough!

(above) taken by Putche
taken by me
Bowler Hat - White Boyfriend Shirt - Gold Cuff Necklace -
Abstract Legging - Black Boots
A super unique necklace from Antyk Butyk (above & below)


  1. Loveeeee that leggings so much!
    Kinda sad I missed this cool event.


  2. love ur leggings, ur necklace, and boots. i've been there but i'm in rush when i went there. sad i can't take any photo from that place :(
    thanks for sharing this one :)

    cheers, Jessica

  3. aaaa love your leggings so much!

    love, love

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    this is my first time visitng your blog and i love it :)
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  5. I was there too! I came on Saturday, and btw your leggings is RAD! X


  6. i went there on sunday :). itu acaranya anak2 prasmul hehe
    tp ga foto2, zau hahaha

    nice blog :)

  7. my mom was an alumni of prasmul, she finished her master there. anyway, love your boots and gold necklace ><


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