Casual // Camel and White

Finally, I came back after more than 1 month hiatus!
February was such a busy month and I was just too tired to do all the blogging thingy. 
Back with a casual look, with camel skirt & white trim-shirt with white sandals.
Everything that I wear here is all "new" - actually the only thing that is really new is the sandals, I bought them in Sogo Department Store. Both the shirt & skirt are my mom's. Those aren't new, and yet new for me since I just found them nowadays in my mom's closet. Too be honest, the size of this camel pleated skirt is actually much more longer. I folded the skirt too make them shorter hehe. And about the trim-shirt, I love the trimming detail with a touch of animal print pattern; plus, the shirt and the belt is a already one package. The pattern matches each other, doesn't it? I just have no idea where did my mom buy this one, a very unique piece indeed! In other pics I added my camel oversize blazer to create an almost-monochromatic look. 
I can say that this style kinda represent my idea of combining the vintage with the modern & sleek. The shirt & skirt both are vintage, mixed with the minimalistic & sleek white sandal which is pretty happening nowadays. I mean, you don't have to try too hard to look uber-stylish by wearing all-the-up-to-date pieces in one outfit. What's the point of wearing all the coolest stuff together and yet actually it doesn't suit your very personal style? My motto is, follow the trend and yet keep your inner personality there.

White Trimmed Sheer Shirt + Belt: Vintage
Camel Suede Pleats Skirt: Vintage
Camel Oversize Blazer: Vintage
White Sandal: Chocolate Schubar (SOGO) 

I was trying another location for a photoshoot, still at the backyard of my house. I kinda like this place.

Love the little-shiny-gold heels!
Sorry for the too-much pictures. Next time I will limit the amount of pictures, maximum 10 pics hehe.