Dystopia // Army Bomber Jacket

Hello guys!
This time I'm in the mood for a more boyish yet a futuristic style.
I bought this army bomber jacket (thrifted) a long time ago and I almost never wear it - I simply have no idea how should I mix this jacket with. So I take a look inside my closet and then found this Hardware abstract legging (which I already wore in my previous post) - here comes the idea of mix & match. At last I mix this army bomber jacket & the abstract legging to create a boyish, anti-beauty, & futuristic style. I'm so aware that this style is far from the word "pretty, gorgeous, chic, cute" or whatsoever. In fact, this outfit & the photo overall show a more murky and bleak mood with a stark contrasts. This entire mood composition reminds me of a concept: "dystopia".

What is dystopia? Dystopia is the opposite of utopia: a society which is characterized by human misery, over-crowd population, oppression, disease, and other bad stuff. Sometimes, I always wondering what will this earth and our society looks like in the future? There are two stand regarding this: the optimists and the pessimist. Which one are you? In my opinion, if we as a citizen of this world don't care about our nature, if we don't have a will to change the society, if we keep construct buildings instead of preserving the naturals, if we keep wasting the source energy (such as fuel and electricity), if we keep doing what we are doing right now: I believe the future will be more likely to be a dystopia. Because our lifestyle right now will determine what our life will be in the future. Of course we don't want to leave this earth in a horrible condition for the next generation, right?

This post was highly influence by a dystopian-futuristic movie,"The Book of Eli" (2010), starring Denzel Washington (who wore an army jacket there) & Mila Kunis.

And here's some of army-theme inspiration from runways:
 Band of Outsiders Spring 2013

Gryphon Spring 2013


Tangerine and Royal Blue

After a vintage vibe from my previous look, now here comes a more modernist-approach style. Kinda minimalist with a touch of silvery accessories to add the futuristic mood. I'm so into color-blocking as always and now I'm combining tangerine with one of my favorite color, royal blue. I found this exquisite jacket at Magnolia Store in PIM 2 which is pretty affordable for a proletarian like. I don't visit this store so often since it doesn't represent my personal style a lot, but IDK why that day I stumbled upon this store and found this jacket - FOR SALE (yup, that's the most important thing in shopping law).

I was filled with joyous feeling after buying this jacket, yet, when I got home I just realize one thing: this jacket's fabric is so damn thick. And you don't wear thick fabric clothes a lot here in Jakarta, in this kind of weather. So I wear this jacket rarely. Thank God I have a blog so that I can manifest my desire to wear this jacket in virtual world.

To be honest, my style in the blogosphere vs. in the real world is different from each other, most of the time. Why? Because in real life I have so many constraints to show my real personal style, it can be because of lack of confidence, my mother's opinion, and the "common fashion norms" in the society (and the weather too). Therefore the presence of Blog is very beneficial for someone like me - a person who is sometime too ashamed to express her genuine personality and fashion preferences to the real world. Well, you can say that this blog is actually my alter-ego, perhaps?

And here's one of my favorite look from Pringle of Scotland Resort 2013. I mean look at that royal blue jacket. Very much covetable, no?


Autumnal // All Hail Vintage!

Greetings to you all!
Again, there has been lack of post. Please do excuse me.
My body condition has been decreasing lately, even today actually I have a lil' fever and sore throat. Furthermore, campus life is creating a time-starved lifestyle and also I've been occupied with Christmas preparation at church. Lack of sleep also contributes to this decreasing body condition.

Anyway, this is a debut post using my new SLR camera. I'm using Nikon D3000, which is good for an amateur like me. Fine quality pictures with such a low price - since I have this major budget constraint.

About the outfit.
I titled this post "All Hail Vintage!". Why? Because I wear almost anything vintage here: the vintage pattern blazer, the white detailed collar shirt, & thrifted denim shorts. And why autumnal? Because the color & the pattern of this vintage blazer characterize autumnal atmosphere. Well, there's no autumn season here in Indonesia obviously. But at least we can create the "atmosphere" right? 

Err, too much color saturation here.

I personally love the detail on the collar.