Casual // Minty Snoopy and Coral Pants

It's been 20 days since my last post. Yup, life is getting crazier each day whether it's from the campus or from the church. Beside papers and more papers, I've been occupied with Christmas preparation at my church. And the other crazy thing is, we have entered rainy season. Why it is crazy? Because in Jakarta, rain means a curse. Rain equals to A HELL-ISH TRAFFIC JAM & flood. Where in other place rain is a blessing, in Jakarta (and also Depok) RAIN IS A CURSE.

Since it is a rainy season which create a chill and cold temperature, it seems to be the best time to wear SWEATERS (or jumper, whatever you like to call it)! I bought this vivid mint (or turquoise? Up to you) Snoopy jumper at Passer Baroe for IDR 30000, a thrifted one of course. I match this mint jumper with my Forever 21 Coral Pants - a color combination that I have worn in my previous post. And I put the peterpan-collar tosca blouse underneath. Finally, I can wear a layered pieces without suffering from heat! Rainy season isn't always a curse anyway :)

Anyway, actually last Sunday (November 18th) was my 21st birthday but since life was so hectic, I have no time to post any birthday outfit or even to celebrate it. I'll post some birthday outfit next week!

Mint Snoopy Jumper: Thrifted
Peterpan-collar Tosca Blouse (underneath): Vintage
Coral Pants: Forever 21
Mirrored Shade: Unbranded
Silver Heels: Vintage (my mom's)


Autumnal // Vintage Brownie Floral

Ah, I can finally breath a little while & blogging again.
I have just finished with the super-sucks Mid-Term Test (which is actually haven't really finished yet, there are still more papers to come, ergh). Well, everybody needs some "me-time" right? Apparently blogging is one of my favorite thing to do for "me-time" activity - beside watching movies & eating some good food. 

After a more "gloomy" & futuristic style from the previous look, the mood switched to a more vintage preppy look. Yup I like changing my style but there's only one thing that doesn't change: I (almost) always wear thrifted stuff.
Back again with some autumnal outfit! Like I said before, we can create the autumnal atmosphere here. I think autumn is the most interesting season from all for its warm, earthly color tones. Burgundy, camel, & brown: autumn enough, don't they? (Anyway, I prefer using "autumn" than "fall" - I don't have any particular reason, I just love the word)

By the way about the floral brownie shirt, it is thrifted and I feel so delightful for finding this vintage floral shirt. Usually, floral pattern is much more likely to be associated with spring/summer season. But this? A very autumnal floral, we can say - and I love it. To complete the vintage preppy look, I added this vintage brown bag that I bought in Bugis Market, Singapore last year. And perhaps some of you are familiar with this camel blazer I'm wearing? Yes, I already wear this blazer in my previous outfit and I still adore this blazer a lot. It has perfect length to cover up my big butt & thigh. I have this major problem every time I wear this burgundy pants: since it is so tight, my butt & thigh looks sooo fat. Thanks to this long blazer, they got cover up.

Oh, I just realized we're already in November! (Time flies too fast, eh?) My favorite month, indeed :D