Greetings to all of you, again I give you my apology for lack of post lately... I think if there's a Razzie Award for blogger, I will get the Worse Blogger in 2012 haha...

Without hesitating, I would like to present my newest look, titled "Red Hot Chilli Pants". I'm not a fan of Red Hot Chilli Pepper band nor I hate them (they are awesome) but their name is so catchy until it inspired me to make the title for this look. Again, I found another treasure in my mom's closet: a red-hot zipper pants. Although it's kinda baggy but I still like it. In addition, I also found this oversized houndstooth blazer. For a preppy vintage fan like me, this blazer is such a delightful invention! I must say that this style has represented my personal style in the best manner.

Allow me to share a lil bit, recently I've been in the quest of finding my true personality, my true self. After the process of contemplative self-evaluation, I've found that I'm actually a tomboy at heart. Then I conclude that androgynous style suits my identity. But on the other hand, I cherish history & the heritage from the past: I'm a retrospective person. Moreover, I have so many contradiction in my personality: I'm both religious/conservative & rebellious. Therefore, I summarize all of this and formulated a new idea of my own personal style: a combination of ANDROGYNOUS, VINTAGE, & PREPPY FUNCTIONALIST. 

Vintage Oversize Houndstooth Blazer: Mom's
Black lace blouse: Thrift Store
White collar shirt: Unbranded
Red Hot Zipper Pants: Mom's
Mirrored Shade: Unbranded
Silver Heels: Vintage

Photographer: Putche
Editing & Design: Myself

Without any intention of being a narcissist, I personally love this editing! 


NIKICIO FEMME SS 2012 SHOW @Plaza Indonesia (A very late post)

My outfit: Bowler Hat, Unbranded Metallic Top, Gold Necklace, Black Sheer Maxi Skirt, Gold Lion Versace Belt, Boyish Watch, Blue Tote Bag, & Black Boots
Yeah I know I've been such a lame blogger for the 2 weeks vacuum of post!! I've been too much occupied with campus, work, and church thing (especially this Good Friday-Easter).. And yes, this post should have been posted loooooong time ago (since this event was held on March 19th)!
 So I must say sorry to everybody due to my lameness in this case hehehe.. 

Anyway as the title says, this pic was taken at Nikicio Femme SS 2012 Show at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. I was so honored to be invited by Putche who was also invited by Nina Nikicio herself according to Jakarta Style Journal. What a privilege! Jakarta Style Journal is a photo blog which contained street style, events or gigs photos around Jakarta owned by Putche (don't forget to check out the blog!). JSJ was invited to this event and I was invited by Putche to accompany her, and I helped her to do the live-tweet for @JKTstyle.

The show was marvelous! I can see that Nikicio is really into bright vivid colors and floral (match with the show title "Life in Technicolor) yet still solid in her standpoint: simplicity & practicality is number one (you can see the full coverage of Nikicio's show here). Apparently, the show wasn't just about Nikicio but there was also another brand from The Goods Dept such as Bycatch and etc. And they were amazing too!

About my outfit, I was wearing an unbranded metallic shredded top that I accidentally found in Plaza Semanggi for only IDR 45000 (so lucky!), gold necklace, the Lion Versace belt, sheer maxi skirt, blue tote bag, & black boots. Putche was wearing a Forever 21 oversize knit sweater & her mom's skirt. I personally love her casual-slouchy-yet-still-feminine grunge style!

This pic was taken by Catherine Soephadi & featured in her Tumblr