The Tale on a Rooftop...

Here comes the second look. Some of you maybe wondering where this photoshoot takes place. This is the rooftop of ITC Fatmawati. You may get surprise and never know that there is a rooftop on ITC Fatmawati, right? Hehe. I found this place accidentally when my dad & I couldn't find any place to park our car.
Well, anyway in this photo, i wore a fedora hat (same hat with the previous look), a Gaudi dress, a khakis @Cheval_id Trench Coat, the black slingbag, & the black boots. You maybe wondering how the hell i wear a trench coat in a tropical climate? Well, this trench is owned by my friend, labeled Cheval Trench (check out http://chevaltrench.weebly.com/).
It is customize for tropical climate, so the fabric is not-too-hot and not-to-cool... It is just fit the hotness in Jakarta. This is the detail of the trench coat:



Hi all!
This is my first fashion look. A casual look, items: a fedora hat, striped monochrome t-shirt, black maxi sheer skirt, a black boots, black sling bag, a brown little belt, and a pretty touch of three colored scarf. This skirt is really something. I found it accidentally in Plaza Semanggi, lower ground, with a very cheap price. It was only IDR 50.000! Without more consideration, i quickly bought it. It is nice with a touch of sheer-y fabric there...
And i chose black because black is the most long-lasting color on earth. Oh, about the scarf. I also found it accidentally at Carrefour hypermarket, Lebak Bulus in one of the clothes counter there. It was also cheap, same price with the skirt! Everything that i wear in this look are moderately cheap,below IDR 150.000!


Hi everybody!
This is my first post on this blog (finally i made it! yeay!). Maybe i should introduce myself a little bit. My name is Izzaura Abidin, a communication student & a very ordinary person. I live in the suburb area of the big-polluted city of Jakarta, Indonesia. I apparently have a deep interest in fashion, design, art, movie & any kind of visual arts... This explains about the name of my blog.

Why "The Fad Madness" anyway?
First of all, fad is an English word that means a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/fad). My blog will mostly displays fashion, my notion or ideas about visual art, and maybe a little bit about movies...

Secondly, FAD is an abbreviation from "Fashion, Art, Design". No need to explain more about this, right? ;) 

And why madness? There is no deep meaning about this, it's just because i am mad about these three things in this world.

So i will display my looks, my designs or anything that i perceive as beauty & artistic... And there will be some easy design tutorial for everyone of you who eager to learn Photoshop.
But, there is some disclaimer: don't expect me to wear a luxurious branded stuff, a Lady-Gaga or Ke$ha quirky freaky style, or Kim Kardashian sexy butt or anything like that... These are my personal and daily style, and i mostly wear unbranded stuff from thrift store etc...
Last but not least, i hope my blog will be useful. I don't expect a popularity from these, because all i want to do is basically SHARING of ideas, that's all.