Hi all!
This is my first fashion look. A casual look, items: a fedora hat, striped monochrome t-shirt, black maxi sheer skirt, a black boots, black sling bag, a brown little belt, and a pretty touch of three colored scarf. This skirt is really something. I found it accidentally in Plaza Semanggi, lower ground, with a very cheap price. It was only IDR 50.000! Without more consideration, i quickly bought it. It is nice with a touch of sheer-y fabric there...
And i chose black because black is the most long-lasting color on earth. Oh, about the scarf. I also found it accidentally at Carrefour hypermarket, Lebak Bulus in one of the clothes counter there. It was also cheap, same price with the skirt! Everything that i wear in this look are moderately cheap,below IDR 150.000!

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