A T-Shirt that Makes YOU-THiNK

Welcome back myself! (monologue)
I have to admit that life at the 6th semester is much more complicated since we are faced with the up-coming & the-coming-soon BACHELOR THESIS. I'm pretty much occupied with this thing lately & now I know how it felt: it's exhausting even before it really begins. My lecturer always say that "you have to find the core problem & why do you claim that as a problem". Geez, my life is already filled with bunch of problems & now we have to find another one? Please. *forgive the cynical tone*. Although I have some affection in writing papers & stuff, still, doing this is not as simple as that. 

Well, enough with the depressing-bachelor-thesis stuff. How about discussing this outfit?

Recently I observe that statement-word T-shirts are kinda ubiquitous. From the world top fashion bloggers, to the teenage street style, even to some random guy on the public transportation, statement or a "speaking" t-shirt is on its hype. I'm not a huge fan of this statement t-shirt especially if the words are attention-seekers like: "I only date rockstars" or "Single and available" etc. Until I found this t-shirt clothing line, called YOUTHiNK. YOUTHiNK is a clothing line specialized in premium quality t-shirt: not just for its garment, but also for the 'content' itself. The words depicted on the t-shirt are not trivial - it's a deep quotes from philosophers or theologian. Note that this t-shirt clothing line is created & managed by Christians, so you'll find Christian-based quotes. The name itself explain everything. YOUTHiNK consists of "YOU" & "THINK": it means that the words make you think about it. But also consists of "YOUTH" & "INK": it means that it is generated from a youthful mind. I found the concept of this clothing line is brilliant: mixing the latest trend of statement t-shirt & greatest quotes as the content. So the statement aren't just a statement - it's a very much thoughtful content that makes YOU-THINK.

The t-shirt I'm wearing quotes: "The tyrant dies his rule is over; the martyr dies his rule begins" by a Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. For you who learn a bit about philosophy, this name should be familiar to you. Søren Kierkegaard is a philosopher who regarded as "The Father of Existentialism" beside Friedrich Nietzsche. While Nietzsche is from the Atheist-wing (remember his famous quote "Gott is tot" - God is dead?) & Kierkegaard is from the Christian/Theist-wing. I'm not trying to give you a philosophical course. But for those who are Christian, try to think more about this quote:
"THE TYRANT DIES HIS RULE IS OVER; THE MARTYR DIES HIS RULE BEGINS" and compare it with Matthew 20:25-28. And also compare this quote with the history of the persecution of Christians by Roman Empire in the Bible & also in history books (e.g: Persecution of Christians by Nero that produce lots of martyrs).

Oversize Houndstooth Blazer: My mom's
Silver Cuff Necklace: a random store in PIM 2
Blue Statement T-shirt: YOUTHiNK
Black Skirt: Vintage
Silver Heels: Vintage