Warm & Vintage Sweater

Hello again :)

In this new look I wear a vintage sweater, white shirt underneath the sweater, the most favorite burgundy pants, white shocks, T-Bar black pump, and vintage brown leather bag.

The sweater was bought from Passer Baroe, one of the most heavenly cheap shopping place in Jakarta. On the other hand, the vintage bag was bought from Bugis Market in Singapore, for only SGD 15...

I really love this sweater for its graphic is so cute, unique, and "vintage-y". Unfortunately, the weather here isn't friendly enough, so I rarely wear this sweater....

This photo was taken by Putri Estiani (Putche) still in my campus, University of Indonesia. Here's a little bit scenery of the photoshoot's place:

And these are the details of the bag & shoes:


COLORBLOCK for my 20th Birthday! ♥

In this special time, I wear something special for me too. I really like the color-blocking trend, so I wear it for my birthday plus the color-festive mask that I bought at Giant Hypermarket haha :P
For the color-blocking, I wear the red cardigan, Tosca green vintage loose blouse, and the most favorite item: the burgundy skinny pants (and the black boots also). Oh, and the pearl & coin necklace too...
This photo was taken at the Center Library at University of Indonesia by Faradisa Azharini, my college friend.... (thanks Disa! :*)

Some people say that "Life begins at 20..."
This phrase kinda thrilled me... My feelings now is dualistic; at one side I feel so excited, yet I also trembled and horrified. It means my acts and conducts have to represent my age; I have some moral obligation to act according to my age.... I am basically not a teenager anymore (teenager: 13-19)

Therefore my ultimate birthday wishes is to be more MATURE. I don't desire any material stuff, new clothes, new gadgets or anything; this birthday I DESIRE THE "NEW ME"...

May God bless me and help me in the struggle for being a better person! :D


Designer Madness: GIVENCHY ♥ (full review)

Hi everyone! Now it's time to "get mad" with a designer: GIVENCHY by Ricardo Tisci!

I must say that since Ricardo Tisci took Givenchy under his hand, I NEVER miss one of Givenchy's show. Givenchy is one of a brand that I would always seek first. As you can see for yourself, I think this is one of the best Spring 2012 show. When almost every designer put lot of colors, patterns especially floral pattern, color-blocking, etc; Tisci put white, monochromatic, one-toned color, a very light pastel, and khaki colors. Well actually this is kinda subjective because I personally prefer pastels, monochrome colors than shocking or bright colors...

In addition, this show mostly inspired by one thing, what is that? SHARK! Yes, shark. When you look closer, you can see there is a shark-teeth (or fin, yeah basically shark's attributes), shark's skin pattern, etc.
Here's the details (and get mesmerized by it):

And these are the proof that Givenchy uses shark as his inspiration:

 The inspiration:

Just for some flashbacks, here I present to you the previous Givenchy RTW shows, which is so unforgettable for me:

Finally, give a massive applause to the brilliant & cold-handed creative behind it, RICARDO TISCI!!!



This time I am doing some color blocking: RED and BURGUNDY (or maroon)... And it kinda represent the color of red wine, which has become the title of this look ;)
I think skinny-burgundy pants is one of the most trendy fashion stuff nowadays, especially in this fall season (well, there's no fall in Indonesia unfortunately)... So I mixed it up with (again) my mum's shocking red blouse with a bow detached tie, a bowler hat and black wedges... I love this wedges for it can elongate my legs and make my hip and booty look slimmer a little bit hehe :P
These photos still taken at University of Indonesia, photograph by Putri Estiani (Putche)



Hi everyone! Long time no post!
Now, being a nationalist by wearing batik... But not as a shirt, a blouse, nor a dress or skirt - a scarf... Usually wearing batik is associated with attending a formal occasion, but wearing a BATIK SCARF... not so formal, right? Wear it with a tank or a tees or a simple dress, and stroll around the city without looking too adult :P
Again, i found this treasure scarf from my mother's closet...
Last but not least, let's appreciate our nation's heritage!

this photo was taken still by Putri Estiani, thanks again mate! :')