Warm & Vintage Sweater

Hello again :)

In this new look I wear a vintage sweater, white shirt underneath the sweater, the most favorite burgundy pants, white shocks, T-Bar black pump, and vintage brown leather bag.

The sweater was bought from Passer Baroe, one of the most heavenly cheap shopping place in Jakarta. On the other hand, the vintage bag was bought from Bugis Market in Singapore, for only SGD 15...

I really love this sweater for its graphic is so cute, unique, and "vintage-y". Unfortunately, the weather here isn't friendly enough, so I rarely wear this sweater....

This photo was taken by Putri Estiani (Putche) still in my campus, University of Indonesia. Here's a little bit scenery of the photoshoot's place:

And these are the details of the bag & shoes:


  1. sweaters are so happening lately and I'm one of the lovers!you're so lucky to find this cutie. thanks for visiting my blog anyway :)

  2. klaster FIB UI!!! im so familiar with that place! hahahaha. cute sweater!

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