Casual Daily Style: Camel & Elephants~

Hello hello precious people! How was saturday night? Forever alone? Haha you got a friend, well le me just being forever alone in front of my laptop, blogging like a boss >> Forever Alone Lvl: Blogger LOL :P

Back with some outfit post, this time I would like to present my casual daily style that I have worn to campus: Camel & Elephants. Why this title? Because I'm wearing a camel blazer with an elephants-patterned tank. That's why :)
And I also wear the it burgundy pants to spice up the look, make it looks like color-blocking; well it is indeed. Yup, I always like the idea of colorblock, whether it's bright, warm, or pastel colors. Here's some warm & more autumnal colorblock: camel color with burgundy. It is more autumnal then my previous look. (Green & Red)

Your daily campus or college outfit will be more fascinating by wearing colorblock & patterned outfit; instead of basic t-shirt and jeans (well, but this is up to you though hehe).

I personally love this camel blazer for its cutting & clean cut shape plus the comfy & still breezy material; it's not that hot to wear this even in such a sunny city like Jakarta or Depok. And I know, this is information may bore you because again, this blazer is my mother's. Mother of God, digging my mom's closet is like treasure hunting and you will always find a new treasure :D
Oh and by the way, about the shoes, it's always more convenient to wear flats isn't it? Especially to go to campus. So wear a loafer! I just adore this kind of shoes so much, more specific the moccasin one. It's classy, and won't be outdated. I bought this dark brown moccasin loafer at Charles & Keith.
Some detail of the elephants pattern...

Camel Blazer - My Mom's
Elephant Tank - Unbranded
Burgundy Pants - Unbranded
Dark Brown Moccasin Loafer - Charles & Keith

Photographer: Putri Estiani (Putche)
Editing: Myself


Pre-Fall 2012 Trends Spotlight #1

I've been a huge fan of pre-fall season runway shows. Why? Because I love fall/winter season in more casual and wearable way. I love layering, fall colors, coats, jackets, and so on; but not as "heavy" as the fall runway. Plus, usually pre-fall shows could be our source for daily outfit. Surely, the recent Pre-Fall 2012 Shows have fulfilled all of these expectation. I've been checking out almost all of pre-fall 2012 shows, and finally summarize some of the trends which caught my attention. These are the trends:

From left to right: Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Albino, Tibi
Try to wear a not-so-mini boyish shorts with a boyish shirt too, pattern jacket or animal prints top. Add a brogues shoes, loafer, or black boots to rock the look.

2) Color Combination: GREEN & BLUE
From left to right: Louis Vuitton, J.W. Anderson, Kenzo, Preen.
Combine navy or electric blue with anything with emerald green. For example, a navy blue sweater with green pants, or wear green sweater underneath a blue turtleneck tank, etc.

From left to right: Clements Ribeiro, Emilio Pucci, Opening Ceremony, Pringle of Scotland.
The color palettes are navy blue, emerald green (light or dark), burgundy red, warm cobalt blue, mustard yellow, plum purple, and brown. 

From left to right: Diesel Black Gold, Derek Lam, Francesco Scognamiglio, 3.1 Phillip Lim.
Wear a shirt underneath the sweater, add a leather pants/white pants or pencil midi skirt/leather skirt for a more feminine look. Basically, you can wear sweater with anything!

5) Pattern Pants + Top Layerings
From left to right: Anne Valérie Hash, Jonathan Saunders, Matthew Williamson, Derek Lam, Pringle of Scotland.
Fall season is about layering, and it will be more fun to wear pattern pants! Wear your pattern pants with layering: a shirt with a jacket/coat. Or you can experiment the layering with more clothes, as seen in Jonathan Saunders & Pringle of Scotland.

There will be more trends to post! Wait patiently :)
Photo courtesy: www.style.com


COLORBLOCK: Green & Red (not for Christmas!)

Hi everyone, back with a new look!
I've been a huge fan of colorblocking and I think this trend will last until along this year, in any season whether it's spring/summer or fall/winter. I've been digging my mom's clothes over and over, and found this Tosca green Medieval-like blouse with the shocking red suede skirt. I found these at Christmas so I thought it would be a great idea to post a look at Christmas Day. But it turned out that I couldn't possibly even blogging at Christmas Day due to tons of church activity - it was so terribly hectic. So I delay this green-red theme look until now.

When we see these color: red & green, we must be directly associate it with Christmas. It is the power of symbol: to associate with something bigger. We associate (for example) Pink with Valentine or other romance feeling, Red and Gold with Chinese New Year or other Chinese theme, etc. Symbol is one of the most powerful medium to communicate something, and even there's a branch of science that specifically study in symbols or signs: Semiotics. I've been so much interested in semiotics lately, especially when it comes to semiotics in movies. I should write about this some other time, after finish reading the book hehe...

(Above) Take a closer look to the lion on the belt...

To add some twist, I added my tartan blazer (check my previous look)
 At the end of the story, I threw the tartan blazer away haha..

Black Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Tartan Blazer - Mom's
Medieval-like Tosca Green Blouse - Mom's
Red Suede Skirt - Mom's
Versace's Lion Belt - Mom's
(hell yeah, i'm such a scumbag daughter trolololol)
Mustache Ring - Unbranded
Gold Necklace - (X)S.M.L
Black Boots -Mom's

Photographer: Putri Estiani ( Putche ) <-- check out her fashion & photography blog!
Editing: Myself


Just Some Photos Editing...

Nothing really special about this look except the photo editing. Yet it is not that special too, because I did this editing with Pixlr O-Matic 
I was too lazy to edit these photo by myself hehehe :-P
In this pics I just wore some casual clothes: a white shirt paired with blue stripes sweater, the black legging, silver heels, & bowler hat.
This outfit actually was the outfit that I wore for Social Research Method's presentation at campus (minus the hat & the heels)...

And these are another edited-photos:



I'm so keen on movies and I just cannot be more excited to see movie award such as Critics Choice, Golden Globes, BAFTA, Oscars, and so on. Today the 69th Annual Golden Globes was held, the winners are already announced! "The Artist", "The Descendants", and "The Help" were few movies which caught so many attention, won many nominations. But, we all know that not just the winners whom we found interesting, but also the RED CARPET!

Well, here I would like to share some of my favorite red carpet outfit by some of actresses, or at least who caught my attention:

1) Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace
I always love how Jolie pull off her red carpet style: simply sophisticated, seems effortless, and implicit sensuality. This dress is just represent those descriptions. The broken white satin with a little touch of red make this dress looks remarkable; and it emphasize Jolie sexiness.

2) Nicole Kidman in Versace
I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but both of them wearing Versace and pose with their hubby, in a same position haha.. I couldn't say much about this dress, Nicole Kidman rarely went wrong when it comes to red carpet. One of the goddess of red carpet, I would say. It fits perfectly with her body, with such an amazing embellishment. She looks so much younger in this pic, doesn't she? 

3) Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermman
I adore Tilda Swinton and I love Haider Ackermman, what should I ask for more? For me, Tilda Swinton who nominated for Best Supporting Actress (thanks to "We Need To Talk About Kevin") is the coolest actress with cold skinny face and androgynous style. She's definitely not a mainstream Hollywood actress. Her red carpet style is kinda unusual and she often channeling more boyish style or tuxedo. I think her characters match perfectly with Haider Ackermman's. And by the way, the blue color is just stunning! Swinton looks mysteriously sexy; not like a Johansson or Jolie kind of sexy.

4) Zooey Deschannel in Prada
Okay, forget about her scumbag-ness in "500 Days of Summer", and move on to his new most-talked-about series, "The New Girl" - which brought her to be nominated here. I must say that she looked lil bit different here, more elegant and graceful, while usually she's famous for her dorky, cute & vintagey style. The Prada dress is beautiful especially with the green stones embellishments, mixed with black. The only thing that kinda not so right is: the make up.

5) Emma Stone in Lanvin
Her career is on the way up since "Easy A", "Crazy Stupid Love", and the movie that brought lot of fame to her: "The Help". Her fair skin & natural redhead just caught attention so much. And so this Lanvin's dress that she wears. The color is alluring: dark magenta (almost like plum actually) with burgundy accent. The cutting's also nice & the belt add some elegance, it's accentuate Stone's body. Gorgeous goddess.

6) Jessica Chastain in Givenchy Haute Couture
Both Stone & Chastain are played together in "The Help" and they both looked amazing that day (plus they are both redhead chicks!). While Stone channeling her inner sexy, I see that Chastain tried to be more prim & classy. And she's succeed. With that pulled off hair & white chest-closed dress, it just cannot go wrong. This Givenchy's dress for me will be everlasting - when you see this pic 20 years later, it won't outdated. Plus the pearl earrings, they added the classiness & gracefulness. Hollywood instant classic!

7) Michelle Williams in Jason Wu
Jason Wu is one of the most brilliant Asian designer whose specialty is for red carpet dresses, beside Prabal Gurung. He has proven to us that it's still right. I just love how the petite Michelle Williams pull off the dress - it would have looked different if somebody else wore it. Love the texture & color! The headband made her looked cute, like she's still a college girl or something.

8) Diana Argon in Giles
Red is one of the most worn color on the red carpet that day (check out also Reese Witherspoon's dress). But Diana Argon's is the one that actually grabbed my attention. Lace red dress usually doesn't work well, however this one is different. The lace details are amazing! Couldn't say more.

photo courtesy: Style.com



Hi everyone! How was your first week in 2012? Me? Filled with exams.. And it's all over now, thank God...!

Now come back with a new look: the Abstract Black Rose Blazer.
I found this one-of-a-kind blazer in a random store in Carrefour Lebak Bulus. Strange isn't it? Yeah, i found this in some temporary vintage clothes stand there with a not-so-expensive price, IDR 150000.
I was in love at the first sight with this blazer, due to its pattern. It caught my attention so bad because it's so artsy. Abstract black rose.

Black rose actually never really exist in this world. There's some red rose whose color is so dark and looks like black, but not purely black. Every color of rose has its own meaning and black rose is usually associated with death, grief, and mysticism. In Victorian era, black rose is the symbolism of tragedy and death. Even in modern fantasy and science fiction story, black rose is associated with villain character with its black magic. But on the other hand, black rose also means REBIRTH, a beginning of something new.
Hmm, so let's take the second meaning, the positive one haha... I think everyone should experience a "rebirth" in their life. To be a new version of yourself, because people musn't stop learning and changing. That two things are inevitable: to learn and to change.
Okay this is not a motivational blog so let's stop here, shall we? :-P

But actually, i feel that even i want a rebirth for this blog. I want to give something new. So, from now on I will try my best to take blogging much more seriously. Not just posting photo or my looks with trivial writing, but I want to write more, analyze more. Plus, I want to add more artsy design touch on my lookbook.
So, this is my rebirth! What's yours? ;-)

- Black Bowler Hat
- White Shirt: Thrift Store
- Abstract Black Rose Blazer: Random Store
- Black Legging: Vintage
- Pearl Necklace: Random Store
- Silver Heels: My Mother's



I've been busy with final exams with lots of paper exam since 2nd of January. Thanks to the scumbag schedule! So this is me, with the first look in this new year.

I've been addicted to tartan pattern and found this amazing tartan blazer (again) in my mother's closet. Special thanks to my used-to-be stylish mom, who has so many fashionable items that can be wear until my generation haha... I wonder what kind of sorcerer my mother is, since she can forecast what will the fashion trend be in this time hahaha.

Well the thing is, fashion trends is basically a cycle. What was the trend in 50s, 60s, 70s and so on will be repeated again somehow in our time. So, i suggest you to open your mother's (or even your grandma's) closet, just explore and explore! You'll find something extraordinary, trust me haha.

Black Bowler Hat
Tartan Blazer - Vintage, My mother's
Red Shirt - Vintage
Black Legging - Vintage
Gold Necklace -  (X) S.M.L
T-Bar Mary Jane - Marie Claire

Terry Richardson's photoshoot style plus some editing...

So much flash lights over there yet the after-effect is cool. Very Terry Richardson :)

Simple photo with nice shadow... All depends on the lighting. I added some photo-processing effect...