Style in a Movie: Anne Hathaway (One Day)

Since I have a huge interest in movies, I would like to relate it with style and fashion... So "Style in a Movie" will basically capture any kind of stylish moments in movie that I recently watched...

Just few days ago, I watched "One Day" (2011) starring Anne Hathaway & Jim Sturgess. Such a nice romantic movie, indeed, with good looking actors. But the thing that I want to emphasize is Anne's costume in this movie. For me, it's kinda interesting because we can see a style transformation of Emma Morley's (played by Anne Hathaway) style according to the era. This movie depicted a love story within a long range of time (20 years), which has passed many fashion and style era. You can see how Emma is transforming from a geeky college student to a posh-chic-clean cut lady...

 I personally love this geeky style... Love the combination of jeans jacket, vintage-y & feminine dress plus the black socks & DocMart gave some twist to the style... We can call this style geek & grungy... The glasses added the geeky feel too

One of the most romantic scene, where Emma & Dexter have to say goodbye each other after the graduation day...

And this scene is when Emma had grown up and had a very nerd & geeky boyfriend; also she became a teacher... (Below)
The style is more mature yet still a lil bit geeky... We can see floral pattern here, probably the hippie movement effect.

(Below) This scene is taken when Emma & Dexter both attended their college friend's wedding. Emma was getting more mature, and she looked so pretty chic in this cheongsam dress.

And the style keeps transforming...
This scene is when Emma has become a really grown-up lady, when she became a famous writer and live in Paris... Parisian chic lady-like style has influenced Emma's style, I think... And especially the pixie haircut added the chicness & posh-feel...

Such a lady-like look with the cute blouse & pencil midi skirt.. Also love the color combination of light blue & soft-mint green. Lady like & tres chic!

Hell yeah, Parisian chic! Nice shades you got there...

(Above) Still taken at Paris, I can say that this is the best dress! It goes perfectly with the shades & haircut, plus with a nice blue navy color (and it matches Dexter's outfit as well). The dress delivers a nice 50s ladylike look, with an emphasize on the waist & flare A-line bottom. Also like the small vintage leather sling-back purse (below).

I personally love this captured scene. So romantic with beautiful lighting & scenery.♥

Voila! That's a wrap!
Finally, this is the movie poster... IDK why but I like it so much. Love the color & especially love the kissing ♥! Haha :3 
If you ask me how much is the rating of this movie, I would give 7 from 10. The beginning part wasn't that good, but I start to feel the grip in the middle until the end... I have to say (no this is not a spoiler, relax haha) that the story kinda sad & tragic, you will see a twist at the end.
Last word is, HAPPY WATCHING! :D


  1. whoa! googling the trailer now! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I haven't seen the movie but I loved Anne's style in it. I think I'll try reproducing the blue blouse + green skirt outfit, so unusual! xx

  3. I like her lens eye glasses that she wears (on the first picture). I want to buy a pair of these but I can't find them anywhere. I hope that someone can help me. :/

  4. I have not watched the movie until TODAY and I LOVED it!! The fashion style through the years was fantastic. The vintage blue dress was DIVINE. xx