Random Inspiration from Random Runways

I've been browsing my runway's folder and found a lot of inspiration for daily fashion style, yet I only took few of them to post it here :)

Here comes the first inspiration goes to Miu Miu Resort 2012 (yeah I know, kinda late, it's already prefall 2012).
I personally love this show, much more than the Spring 2012 show. This resort show was just caught my first attention for its uniqueness in photo-shooting & style. From this 2 looks, I assume you can pick two words to describe the look: LADYLIKE yet YOUTHFUL; ELEGANT yet CUTE.

1) The light blue patterned blazer mixed with ladylike black blouse, red mini skirt, & teal gloves (with cute accessories). It's all about mixing colors that you think isn't that matching, yet when it all being put together you will create a whole fresh look. Plus, on the make up, this look inspire me how a youth should make her face up: SIMPLY PLAIN. You can see there an almost plain make up & oily face, which is very youthful.

2) Little Black Dress is just never gone wrong from time to time: it's timeless. Yet it depends on the model of the dress & how you mix it with. This second look inspire me about how to wear LBD in a cute & youthful way. Mix it with dozens of cute girly (but not chessy & trashy) accessories.

3 & 4) These 3rd & 4th look still from Miu Miu Resort 2012 look inspire me to: WEAR MATCHING/ONE-THEME OUTFIT WITH YOUR BESTFRIEND.
Y U NO wear same dress with your besties, but with different color? Also same shoes & accessories, different colors.
This surely can be your inspiration if you guys want to go to some birthday bash or a party, or just hanging out to the mall, etc...  Worth to try, isn't it?

5 & 6) These looks was taken from GAP Spring 2012 show. What inspiration we can take from these? COLORED SKINNY PANTS!
It's going to be hot this season, I guess. It can add some intriguing twist to your casual everyday look. It can be a softer tone (left), like the soft-hued fuchsia; or it can be in a vivid mood (right), like the turquoise.
Wear it with stripe sweater, basic plain tees or sweater, and almost anything! But keep it simple by wearing a more soft or monochrome top (you don't want to hurt anyone else' eyes, do you?). For a sweet addition, wear a bright scarf with different color. Voila, a great casual look!

7 & 8) The last but not least, the look on the left is still from GAP Spring 2012 show, while on the right is from Thakoon Addition Spring 2012. What item that caught my heart in these looks? DENIM PATCH.
The difference is, on the GAP show is denim on denim: the pants is a jeans. While on the other hand, The Thakoon Addition pants is not a jeans.
Still, same theme in here. The denim patch on both pants left a unique touch & a twist on basic looks. We can do it our self; it can be our DIY project. Just use your old jeans, cut it just like you want, and stitch it to your new jeans/pants! And wear it with a denim top too, or a summer patterned blouse with same color theme, tiny belt, an espadrille or a summery gladiator sandals.

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  1. I have always been a big fan of Miu Miu. These clothes are no exception. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower, would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you're interested!