A T-Shirt that Makes YOU-THiNK

Welcome back myself! (monologue)
I have to admit that life at the 6th semester is much more complicated since we are faced with the up-coming & the-coming-soon BACHELOR THESIS. I'm pretty much occupied with this thing lately & now I know how it felt: it's exhausting even before it really begins. My lecturer always say that "you have to find the core problem & why do you claim that as a problem". Geez, my life is already filled with bunch of problems & now we have to find another one? Please. *forgive the cynical tone*. Although I have some affection in writing papers & stuff, still, doing this is not as simple as that. 

Well, enough with the depressing-bachelor-thesis stuff. How about discussing this outfit?

Recently I observe that statement-word T-shirts are kinda ubiquitous. From the world top fashion bloggers, to the teenage street style, even to some random guy on the public transportation, statement or a "speaking" t-shirt is on its hype. I'm not a huge fan of this statement t-shirt especially if the words are attention-seekers like: "I only date rockstars" or "Single and available" etc. Until I found this t-shirt clothing line, called YOUTHiNK. YOUTHiNK is a clothing line specialized in premium quality t-shirt: not just for its garment, but also for the 'content' itself. The words depicted on the t-shirt are not trivial - it's a deep quotes from philosophers or theologian. Note that this t-shirt clothing line is created & managed by Christians, so you'll find Christian-based quotes. The name itself explain everything. YOUTHiNK consists of "YOU" & "THINK": it means that the words make you think about it. But also consists of "YOUTH" & "INK": it means that it is generated from a youthful mind. I found the concept of this clothing line is brilliant: mixing the latest trend of statement t-shirt & greatest quotes as the content. So the statement aren't just a statement - it's a very much thoughtful content that makes YOU-THINK.

The t-shirt I'm wearing quotes: "The tyrant dies his rule is over; the martyr dies his rule begins" by a Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. For you who learn a bit about philosophy, this name should be familiar to you. Søren Kierkegaard is a philosopher who regarded as "The Father of Existentialism" beside Friedrich Nietzsche. While Nietzsche is from the Atheist-wing (remember his famous quote "Gott is tot" - God is dead?) & Kierkegaard is from the Christian/Theist-wing. I'm not trying to give you a philosophical course. But for those who are Christian, try to think more about this quote:
"THE TYRANT DIES HIS RULE IS OVER; THE MARTYR DIES HIS RULE BEGINS" and compare it with Matthew 20:25-28. And also compare this quote with the history of the persecution of Christians by Roman Empire in the Bible & also in history books (e.g: Persecution of Christians by Nero that produce lots of martyrs).

Oversize Houndstooth Blazer: My mom's
Silver Cuff Necklace: a random store in PIM 2
Blue Statement T-shirt: YOUTHiNK
Black Skirt: Vintage
Silver Heels: Vintage


Casual // Camel and White

Finally, I came back after more than 1 month hiatus!
February was such a busy month and I was just too tired to do all the blogging thingy. 
Back with a casual look, with camel skirt & white trim-shirt with white sandals.
Everything that I wear here is all "new" - actually the only thing that is really new is the sandals, I bought them in Sogo Department Store. Both the shirt & skirt are my mom's. Those aren't new, and yet new for me since I just found them nowadays in my mom's closet. Too be honest, the size of this camel pleated skirt is actually much more longer. I folded the skirt too make them shorter hehe. And about the trim-shirt, I love the trimming detail with a touch of animal print pattern; plus, the shirt and the belt is a already one package. The pattern matches each other, doesn't it? I just have no idea where did my mom buy this one, a very unique piece indeed! In other pics I added my camel oversize blazer to create an almost-monochromatic look. 
I can say that this style kinda represent my idea of combining the vintage with the modern & sleek. The shirt & skirt both are vintage, mixed with the minimalistic & sleek white sandal which is pretty happening nowadays. I mean, you don't have to try too hard to look uber-stylish by wearing all-the-up-to-date pieces in one outfit. What's the point of wearing all the coolest stuff together and yet actually it doesn't suit your very personal style? My motto is, follow the trend and yet keep your inner personality there.

White Trimmed Sheer Shirt + Belt: Vintage
Camel Suede Pleats Skirt: Vintage
Camel Oversize Blazer: Vintage
White Sandal: Chocolate Schubar (SOGO) 

I was trying another location for a photoshoot, still at the backyard of my house. I kinda like this place.

Love the little-shiny-gold heels!
Sorry for the too-much pictures. Next time I will limit the amount of pictures, maximum 10 pics hehe.


Pre-Fall 2013 Trend // Tartan

Meet the Tartans! (not the Spartans, LOL)
Tartans are back this Pre-Fall 2013 season, as seen in several shows such as Chanel, McQ, and Preen. Btw from now on, I will sometimes post two look at the same time, wearing one single item in a two different look. This is the first time. 

The inspiration:
Both from Preen Pre-Fall 2013





This blogpost is almost wordless, I'm in a rush: to my bed. I was exhausted today but the blogging must go on. Just enjoy the pics, people - for now.


Guard Dog Sweater and Galaxy Legging

Back with a new look!
My days seems to be idle lately, especially since there was a big flood here in Jakarta, I spent my days mostly at home - and mostly, sleeping. Thank God we don't have any problem with the flood at my place, but mostly the flood afflicted the norther part of Jakarta like in Pluit and stuff. Let's hope that the flood will soon recedes and the help from local government will come in time. I also feel terribly sorry for the victim of 'tsunami' in UOB Building's basement, deep condolence for the family's loss. 

For 3-4 days, there was heavy rain and the weather was so cold. Yet, from Saturday until today, the weather was surprisingly warm and dry - there is no rain at all (at least at my place). It was the most perfect time to take photos outdoor, to get the sunlight. I realized that the pictures from my previous post were  so good, because there was no sunshine that day, poor lighting we can say.

About the outfit, both the sweater & the legging are already worn from my previous posts. Yet I just came up with the idea of combining vintage stuff and futuristic vibe which represent these two items. A secondhand vintage sweater combined with a futuristic galaxy legging. There's a paradox in it or should we say dialectics? Vintage sweater (thesis) - Galaxy Legging (antithesis) --> create a new style (synthesis). Oh damn, please stop this philosophy shits! Who cares anyway....

Sweater is surely a big thing for this season. From the previous blogpost I already posted about the grey/aztec sweater trend, and now here's some more sweater trend from Pre-Fall 2013 Show:
Chalayan & Christopher Kane Pre-Fall 2013

Both are from Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013

Kelly Wreastler & No.21 Pre-Fall 2013


Pre-Fall 2013 Trend // Grey/Aztec Sweater

It's been so long since my last post, isn't it?
I shall not make any explanation about this, because it will eventually bores you all. The point is, I've been neglecting my "blogging duty" for more than a month.
So, this is the very first post in 2013, eh? To pass 2012 and come into 2013 is actually a blessing indeed. Many people didn't survive 2012 and don't have a slightest chance to see 2013. We all shall be grateful for this of course.

About the outfit, it's more casual and simpler than any of my previous look. I'm not in the mood for a girly-fancy-too decorative outfit. This year, I'm planning to post a more mature, simpler, & wearable looks - and perhaps less color. A not-so-WOW looks - I try not to please everyone, I just wear what I want to wear.

In this super-freezin'-cold-non stop rainy days recently, it is pretty wise to wear a warm cozy sweater, no? I found this grey aztec (or tribal, whatever) sweater in Endorse Shop Tebet last year. I love the aztec pattern accent on the top & the camel patch on the elbow. I mixed this with my asymmetrical-pleats black skirt from Mango, which I bought on sale for only IDR 199.000 (wohoo!). 

Dark Brown Knit Beanie: Unbranded
Grey Aztec Sweater: Gravel, from Endorse Shop Tebet
Asymmetrical-Pleats Black Skirt: Mango
Black Boots: My mom's

Grey sweater is really in, as you can see from Pre-Fall 2013 Shows. So these are the inspiration, the grey sweater trend to be checked out:

Alexander Wang & Celine Pre-Fall 2013
I personally love this Alexander Wang's cozy sweater, especially the pattern. Same as Celine, I got the inspiration to mix aztec sweater with pleats skirt from this look.

I also love these looks, using grey sweater:
Reed Krakoff & Organic by John Patrick Pre-Fall 2013

No.21 & Rochas Pre-Fall 2013