Designer Madness: GIVENCHY ♥ (full review)

Hi everyone! Now it's time to "get mad" with a designer: GIVENCHY by Ricardo Tisci!

I must say that since Ricardo Tisci took Givenchy under his hand, I NEVER miss one of Givenchy's show. Givenchy is one of a brand that I would always seek first. As you can see for yourself, I think this is one of the best Spring 2012 show. When almost every designer put lot of colors, patterns especially floral pattern, color-blocking, etc; Tisci put white, monochromatic, one-toned color, a very light pastel, and khaki colors. Well actually this is kinda subjective because I personally prefer pastels, monochrome colors than shocking or bright colors...

In addition, this show mostly inspired by one thing, what is that? SHARK! Yes, shark. When you look closer, you can see there is a shark-teeth (or fin, yeah basically shark's attributes), shark's skin pattern, etc.
Here's the details (and get mesmerized by it):

And these are the proof that Givenchy uses shark as his inspiration:

 The inspiration:

Just for some flashbacks, here I present to you the previous Givenchy RTW shows, which is so unforgettable for me:

Finally, give a massive applause to the brilliant & cold-handed creative behind it, RICARDO TISCI!!!

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