New Look: Baroque (VEST)ival

Hi everybody!
This is my new look. The place is still the same place with the previous look, at the rooftop of IT Fatmawati. This time i wear the Gaudi dress, vintage sunglasses, the black sling back, the black boots, and the most important item is the BAROQUE VEST. Baroque is an era around 16-17 century that had influenced arts, paintings, fashion, architecture, and music in European civilization. Baroque style is famous for its complexity in detail with a lot of ornaments. You can googled it for more info about Baroque.
I found this vest in my mum's closet and i was so in love with this baroque-detailed vest. The detail was so delicate and unique. Such a fashion treasure!


  1. That's a dress? I thought that's a skirt! Anyway, i loveeee this style! :D


  2. hehe yup, it's a dress :P
    thankyouuu putch! :')

  3. The baroque vest is lush!I can see why you love it.