Runaway to Watch: Christopher Kane Resort 2012

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Eventhough the tide is already on the Spring 2012 show, i still cling on the Resort 2012 show. Why? Because i have some personal interest in Resorts show for usually they are more wearable yet still represents the designer's identity.
And now, i would like to share one of resort show that i adore. It's Christopher Kane's. Christopher Kane is one of the most distinctive designer in London fashion week since he always have a specific and unique theme on his runaways. Kane already gain acknowledgment from his colorful and vibrant Spring  2012 show, and this time i believe he still stick up. From the first time i saw this resort show, i immediately fell in love with the colors and the theme. Rainbow. A very rare theme to put on fashion these days. If we think about rainbow in a fashion, our image maybe will look trashy, cheesy & tacky. Yet, Kane had manifested it in such a youthful & tres chic style. He also added a touch of mettalic fabric there, which make this look more stunning.
I personally admire this collection eventhough i am not so keen on colorful things...


  1. I love this looks! I'm color freak and he made it look so chic and gorgeous !

    Nice quality posts! Following you at bloglovin!


    Xoxo from Japan

  2. yup, that's right.. Christopher Kane is such a jenius! thank you ellen! i'll follow you back