Warm Color Block

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry for being such a bad blogger due to lack of updates lately, I've been kinda occupied with a hectic campus life & job... Anyway, finally I can post a look! And to be honest actually this look was taken in January hehe...

I already told you that I'm a big fan of colorblock, so here's another one: Warm Color Block. Why I describe this as "Warm"? Because it's a autumnal color palette whose tone is warmer than the spring/summer color. Fyi, it's not a skirt: it's a pant-skirt (a pants which actually looks like a skirt) - and it's belong to my grandmother hehehe... And I also wear the camel blazer that I already worn in my previous look: Camel & Elephants ~

Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Camel Blazer - Vintage
Blue Tank - Unbranded
Brick-Red Pants/Skirt - Vintage (My Grandma's)
Pearl Necklace - Unbranded
Mustache Ring - Unbranded
Black Wedges - Unbranded (A gift from Auntie)

See, I'm such a proletarian: almost never wear branded stuff hahaha!

Photographer : Putche
Editing : Myself

And this is my source of inspiration for this look:
 left-right: Emillio Pucci Pre-Fall 2012, Francesco Cominelli Street-Style



  1. loveeee the skirt! you did a great color blocking.

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  2. Love the blazer and the Skirt! you did a great color blocking.
    Mind to visit my blog? :) thanks